Sparked by a fascination with the visual elements of storytelling along with its artistic process, Kierra Jenaé launched sameolkie as a creative container to showcase visual stories.


I’m Kierra Jenaé and I'm a Storyteller.


I go with what moves me…what feels right. Most of the decisions made in my life were done with this belief guiding me. For instance, I started playing the violin at the age of 10. Having never seen a violinist or heard a string orchestra live, I went on to successfully play for the next decade because it felt right. I only applied to two colleges — both liberal arts colleges for women — was accepted to both, chose the unlikely one, and majored in Philosophy all because it felt right. After graduation, I picked up and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area (where I am currently located) from Decatur, Georgia after only securing an interview at an organization where I remained for almost 4 years all because again, it just felt right.


Among being led by my intuition, I have a strong sense of wonder. And an even stronger desire to connect — which brings me to why I am here. I love documenting the narratives of folks. It's my thing. I enjoy finding the special threads that bind us. And I plan on sharing those stories right here on this platform.


I hope what you find here brings you joy and motivates you to keep going.