Passion. Purpose. Practicality.

I believe that we never stop seeking The Truth. I also believe that The Truth never stops seeking us.


There are various schools of thought on the interwebs that egg us on to 'follow your passion' 'discover your purpose' or 'don’t settle for the practical choice!' all while pitting the three against each other. I don't see it that way.


Passions are the things that make our heart sing.

They light us up in a spiritual sense and while they may change over time, our intensity towards reamins constant. Passions are our heartbeats pumping life into our everyday routines. From listening to it in my living room, at a venue or playing it myself, music is one of my passions. I've told y'all this story before so I'll keep it short here. Where there is music, there is joy. 

They can also be shared and/or passed down.  


Purpose is that thing that we were put here to do in this lifetime.

It’s that inner voice that calls out to us no matter the circumstance in our lives and continues to come up. The key here is to create stillness + space to see and feel how the universe is calling you to contribute. Sometimes, we think we found our purpose only to later learn that well-intentioned loved ones rubbed their own hopes and dreams onto us in the process. A few moments in meditation or prayer to seek out the guidance of God/The Universe will certainly help in times of confusion. 


Then there is practicality. And when its put up against the metaphysical nature of passion + purpose — it gets a bad wrap.

Practicality gets thumbs down as a dream killer when it really isn’t. Practicality is what is going to save us. Hear me out. I’m a dreamer and my imagination is large. To put it scale, I can entertain myself with an oversized hat and ball for hours at a time. Also, the number of ideas that come across my brain on any given day is expansive. I regularly find notes and lists on the back of anything I can get my hands on.

At the same time, I’m a doer. It isn’t easy, though. It takes a LOT for me to get outside of my own head. When I do, I produce some pretty good stuff (which is still taking me a minute to get comfortable with). And it’s a constant practice.

See, practicality calls us to do one thing and one thing only: act.

We gotta act on our passions. We gotta act on following our purpose. We gotta get practical with this shit. The impossible becomes possible when we start to act and make a plan. And if you don’t have the resources, use what you have. Partner with others. No one woman is an island. Once you take stock, you might see that everything is already right there in front of you.