Sameolkie began as my Instagram name back in 2012 and it has been connecting me with a great deal of folks from all over who have now become family.

When I started this blog over a year ago, I'd just left my full-time position of 4 years and was still newborn-baby-fresh to the freelance world of creative marketing. I played around with photography, videography, and design prior to taking the professional leap, but it wasn't until the summer of 2015 that I decided to fully immerse myself in content creation.

Being that a significant amount of opportunities such as writing a few posts for LocalWise came directly from this blog, people would address me as sameolkie, or smokie, or Sam...professionally. It started to get a little awkward to me each time I had to explain my name before saying, "just call me Kierra." I mean, who wants to go around explaining their chosen brand name and still be met with confused faces? The optics were terrible — trust me. 

On a personal level, 2016 has been the year of transitions and transformation. And while I pride myself on being the same ol Kie from Decatur, GA no matter where life takes me, it just didn't feel right anymore. Because well, I wasn't the same.

I figured if there was ever a time to rename my blog, then now is the time. Colorful Kierra speaks to exactly who I am right now, and who I've always been. I tend to experiment more with bright colors and textures and I reflect that in my work. People describe me as a light and I receive that. Plus, I literally wear the most colorful outfits no matter the season.

My work has a new home on my online portfolio at That's also the professional channel that I use when I'm working with clients. 

Finally, I will no longer showcase my work here on this blog. I'll continue to share some stories about my projects every now and then, but the bulk of the entries here will be centered around content that will empower you to keep moving forward. I'll be writing think pieces on the ways of the world, sharing narratives of people who inspire me, crafting music reviews that'll help get you through and posting vlogs (video blogs) of travel time/adventure of places I've gone.


Now that all of the formalities are out the way — HAPPY HOLIDAYS and see ya'll next year. 

I'll be posted up like this in Alabama. 

inside joke from Facebook and Instagram. :) 

inside joke from Facebook and Instagram. :)