Ever since I made the decision to take my creativity seriously, I experienced a mental shift.


I started down this path because it was starting to consume me.

I had SO many ideas. So many. And I began to write out processes + set goals on how to bring them to life. I kept a virtual mood board. I scribbled captions and words I’d see or hear as the day went by. I'd screenshot cool images and bookmark dope videos...made a list of people that I would like to work with one day. 

I let myself dream.

It got to the point where the ideas morphed into a force that I could no longer ignore.  That’s when I knew I was being called to use my gifts to create something that was bigger than myself. And so I began.

I am learning a lot by just doing the work  — gaining a new understanding and mentality to respect the process.

I’m actually starting to bring some the concepts that I've been dreaming about for years to life. My favorite so far was the shoot I did in Seattle with my girls, Quan D and Miss Acker. I had the idea to pay homage to Minnie Riperton's album cover, Adventures in Paradise and was ready to execute it.

The entire experience was magical. More on that later. Here's some BTS footage.


Then this happened.


It isn’t often that opinions matter but in this line of work, it surely does. I think it’s super dope to be recognized by the folks at VSCO — a company that I’ve admired for years.  It’s affirming  to know that I’ve got something to contribute to the creative spaces that already exist as well as the ones I wish to create in collaboration with others.

Thoughts of imposter syndrome still pound my brain. Yet simultaneously, I still feel the limits I've set for myself stretching and expanding. Most days I believe anything is possible. Others, it isn't so easy keep in mind that playing with ideas, collaborating with folks, failing and building again is part of the process.  

This journey so far has been FILLED with valleys and mountaintops. Today, I celebrate a peak.