"Let's create new memories. Let's toast to the moments."

                                                                                                                              - #Toasted


Last week, I had the opportunity to be one of the photographers capturing some moments for Toasted Life at their Rooftop party...and it was exhilarating!

Over the past few years, Toasted has built a reputation around creating fun and welcoming events to bring people together. The story that could be told about this month's Rooftop party was no different.

Good vibes, good energy, and good music flowed throughout. 

I went into this job knowing that I had to deliver the client exactly what they wanted: a pictorial reflection of the party. However, being a newbie on the event photography scene, I was nervous. 

On the days leading up to the event, I studied the style of photography that the brand preferred and got an idea of how I was going to contribute my own viewpoint. I found that they are partial to the posed, group shots and really into the organic, in the moment shots. 

I was elated! I love capturing the spontaneity of my surroundings...and then my heart sunk a little. 

I just agreed to a job that I've never done professionally. Thoughts began to race my mind: My sweet spot is landscape photography — how can I shoot people? While they are at a party?! What if they see me and my camera tense up? What if none of the "in the moment" shots come out nice?! WHAT IF I FAIL?!?!

Chile. I was mentally running around like a chicken with its head cut off. STRESSED.

But when I decided that I had enough of needless suffering, I remembered that I have my skill and perspective to lean on. I have my personality to ground me (it is a party after all). Plus, while on the phone with one of the founders of Toasted, he must've sensed my nervousness and ensured me that I'd do fine and it all go well. And it in the true spirit of Toasted, he welcomed me into the fold my introducing me to his people and offered me a drink upon arrival. 

Looking back on my initial excitement once I landed the job, learning the style of photography the brand prefers, and yes — even momentarily freaking out — I'd say it was all worth it. 

...thanks again to the guys of Toasted Life for having me out! 

Founders of #Toasted.




All images taken and edited by Kierra Jenaé