They say:

time is of the essence 


and I'm not so sure about that. 

I say everything happens in its own time. 



My name is Kierra Jenaé. I'm from Decatur, GA and I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area after graduating from a liberal arts women's college. 


At the start of the year, I drafted a list of goals in my purple notebook that I hoped to have met by the end of the year. In no particular order, I jotted down a number of things ranging from purchasing a subscription to The New Yorker to the omg-girl-good-luck-with-that-one. Among them was the bold declaration to take my creativity seriously. 


I mean... for years I've watched some of my friends (real, virtual or in my head) just go for it...


...and thus for years, I've been a spectator. Participating and admiring from behind my computer screen...all while feeling stuck within my own ideas. 


See, I've always been drawn to visual presentations, stories or personal accounts of how dope music, films, products or people came to be. That's nothing new. But what is new, is the discovery of a voice (almost like a calling out from the universe), telling me girl—now is your time. 


Which brings me here to sameolkie.

A space where I aim to create, collect and share not only my own stories but of those who inspire me intellectually, musically, spiritually...visually. 


It took me awhile to really really get to this point. The story of that is for another day and time — which I will tell. 


Will I have something unique to say? Will I drop compelling content? Are you still even reading this?


While I ain't got all the answers — time will tell.

What I can say is that I am here. What I can say is that I am ready.


Until next time,